Rainbow Diamond Dotz

Good morning my fellow crafters,

Today I am showcasing a diamond dotz rainbow kit I bought last year from the stamp and scrapbooking expo here in Orlando Florida.

This is an easy kit to follow along with just using what comes in the box and is very self explanatory. It reminds me of my cross stitching days from way back by following the symbols on the handout and using the color the corresponds with it. All you do it pour your diamond dots into the container provided and use the tool that comes with it to pick them up and place them on the canvas.

The canvas has adhesive on it so no need for messy glue on it and if you make an error you can remove the diamond dot and replace if needed.

I could not sleep one night and decided to give this a try and I finished this rainbow in about 2 hours, which I thought was not bad at all.

I was reluctant to try this project as I have vision problems, but I was able to complete it just often times had to take a break and rest my eyes.

A fellow crafter mentioned to me they use their Cricut bright pad to aide in putting the dotz onto the blank canvas. So the next kit I get I will give that a shot and see how it works out for me.

Once I finished the project and was satisfied with the placement of the dots I used a brayer to put pressure on them so they would not fall off the canvas.

Next I cut the project down with my cricut trimmer and then placed it in a 4×4 frame I purchased at a local craft store for under five bucks.


Thanks for joining me today on my blog and please join me in my facebook group and share any of your diamond dot projects you have completed. Have a Craft-T day ya’ll.


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