Good morning/afternoon crafters,

Interested in making 25% from sales including your own. If the answer is yes, I invite you to join my team.

This program is available internationally as well.

This is a 2-step process to do so.


Click on the below link and sign up and pay the $25.00 onetime fee.

Once you check out you will get a coupon code for $150.00 off the registration of the certification course.

The course can be found under downloads and you will also receive an email with the direct link to the course.

You can also see what products are available as well by clicking shop.



Once you complete the certification make sure you click the link at the bottom to finalize your certification and receive credit.

Then click the link below to  set up your affiliate link that will be used for you and your customers to make purchases and set up how you will get paid.


There it will ask you for a REFERRAL ID. This is where you put in YOURNAME! It can be something crafty, or your actual name. (no spaces) this is how your friends find you!

Next, you’ll be asked for a team you want to sign up under. This is where you’ll put in MYNAME:

Craft-TAnthony (no spaces) just answer the question and you’re done!

Send me a message so I can add you to the team pages on Facebook if interested.

This is an amazing opportunity! We will have so much fun. I want you on MY TEAM!

I am available to answer questions and help you with the process if needed. Just send me a message anytime.

Thanks, and have a Craft-T day y’all.


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